Why Video Your Wedding?

There's no denying the importance of having a trusted photographer on hand to provide a precious record of your wedding day. When the day is over, it's your photos that will remind you how beautiful everything and everybody looked.

For this same reason, we think a professionally-produced wedding video is just as important as professionally-taken wedding photos, because it captures the sounds and movements of the day in a way that photos can't.

How else could you capture the nervousness of the bridal party as they get ready for the ceremony? Or the barely-contained excitement of the bridesmaids? Or the best man checking his pocket for the ring for the hundredth time?

The anticipation of the guests can't be captured in a photograph, but there is that quiet gasp as the bride makes her entrance that you'll surely want to remember. Then there's the expression on the groom's face as he turns to see his bride in her wedding dress for the first time, and the exchange of vows and the moment that rings are placed on fingers.

These and a hundred little moments like these can easily fade from memory as the years go by because they're not able to be captured by a photograph. How can a photo capture the humour in the best man's speech or the moment and the music when the couple step out to take their first dance?

These are the moments you'll want to relive in years to come, and a professionally-shot wedding video (in addition to professional photography) is the best way to make sure these moments don't fade from memory.


We've had couples tell us that while their wedding photos might hang on their walls to be seen every day, it's the wedding video that gets pulled out on wedding anniversaries and watched with a glass of champagne to celebrate another year. We can raise a glass to that!

A wedding DVD is also a wonderful way to share your day with friends and family who couldn't be there in person. To sit down and watch a video is a much more immersive experience and tells the full "story" of the day: Maybe your friends couldn't be there, but they can still gasp as the bride appears, and maybe get a little teary as the vows are exchanged too.

Unfortunately for a lot of couples, the job of filming the wedding is often left to friends with home video cameras. As professional wedding videographers, we think this is like leaving your wedding photography to friends with camera phones! You end up with wobbly, noisy videos and coughs instead of wedding vows!

Here at Hippo Productions we believe that your wedding video is a hugely important part of your wedding day, and it deserves a professional treatment - just like your wedding photos. We are a team of film industry experts with years of experience filming wedding ceremonies and other live events. We take pride in creating wedding videos that capture all the important moments and really transport you back to your big day.

We're able to film weddings in Auckland, Wellington, Hawke's Bay, or anywhere else in the North Island, so don't let your memories fade: See our packages and get in touch with us today.