You should hire Hippo to create your wedding video for four reasons:

1. You get the benefit of a whole team of experts

There are a lot of "jack of all trades" wedding videographers out there, but here at Hippo we use professionals who have proven expertise in particular aspects of wedding video production. This means that every aspect of your wedding video - from the initial interview to lighting, sound, filming, editing, and graphics - all receive an expert's touch.

2. We have the skills and experience

There are no do-overs when it comes to filming your wedding: It needs to be done right, first time! Hippo Productions have been "getting it right -- first time" for over five years. With over 300 filmed events under our belts and highly qualified staff, we know what it takes!

3. We use only the best equipment

These days anybody can produce a wedding video using just a laptop and a point-and-shoot camera, but the results are usually less than stunning. Even to the untrained eye, to compare a wedding video shot on "consumer-grade" equipment and a video shot with professional cameras, sound lighting and editing equipment is like comparing night and day. Our cameras alone cost around $10,000 each, but the improvement in colour depth and fidelity makes it absolutely worth it. When you hire Hippo you're not just getting our skills… you're also getting the best possible equipment.

4. We're flexible

It doesn't matter whether your wedding is taking place in Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Taupo, Hawke's Bay, or anywhere in between. Travel costs are included in many of our packages. And it doesn't matter if your wedding is large, intimate, indoors, outdoors, traditional or otherwise. We'll discuss your plans with you and find the best approach for filming your wedding.

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A professional wedding videographer knows how special your wedding day is to you, and that they only have one chance to get it right.

The team at Hippo Productions are wedding video professionals: With over 300 filmed events and years of industry experience under their belts, they know how to produce wedding videos that capture all the important moments of your big day.

Why use a professional wedding videographer?

The difference between Hippo's professionally produced wedding DVDs and a "home-made" effort is like night and day.

Experienced camera operators = no more wobble!

Unless you're getting married in an earthquake, there's no excuse for shaky camerawork. Hippo's experienced camera operators ensure that you don't end up with any wobbles as the bride walks down the aisle; and no erratic zooming or unintentional "extreme close-ups"! Best of all, Hippo's camera operators know how to remain unobtrusive. This means that the bride and groom are the stars of the day… not the camera operator!

Capture your wedding from all angles.

Hippo's professionals will use two or three cameras to video a wedding. This gives you a record of the event from a variety of angles - perhaps one view from the end of the aisle, another view from the front, catching the couple's faces, and another "roaming" camera to catch the responses of your guests. In the end this will all be pieced together seamlessly to provide an engrossing "story" of your wedding day.

Professional-grade video equipment provides a much better picture.

These film industry-grade cameras use three computer chips to record colour, giving much truer, deeper colour than any home video camera can deliver. (Even the latest home video cameras only use one chip to record colour. And yes, you can see the difference!) The cameras we use cost around $10,000 each, and we'll use two or three of them to film your wedding.

Better sound recording.

There's nothing worse than wedding videos where all the important sounds are drowned out by coughing, cellphones, shuffling noises or crying babies. Hippo's professionals use both radio microphones and "shot gun" microphones to capture sound to the highest possible standard so that your wedding vows won't get lost in the background noise!

There is a lot more to producing a professional wedding DVD than simply pointing a camera in the right direction and hitting the "record" button.

This is why Hippo Productions have assembled a whole team of industry professionals to handle every aspect of producing your wedding video. The core members of Hippo's wedding videography team are:

Mike - Camera operator, lighting, sound:

Mike is the man you'll see behind the camera, disappearing into the background on your wedding day. Before joining Hippo, he worked for the Family Television Network and studied video production at EIT. In addition to his skill behind a camera, Mike also has extensive experience in lighting and sound.

Paul - Editor and 3D graphics:

Paul is the one who will be piecing together the raw video into a finished product that really tells the "story" of your wedding day. Before joining Hippo he worked for Huhu Studios and for the Family Television Network, and studied video production at EIT. Paul is also our resident 3D animator, and studied animation and 3D graphics at Life Ways College.

Karen - Photographer, graphic artist:

Karen is the talented hand behind our wedding cover art. She brings to the Hippo team her lifelong passion for photography and gets a tremendous amount of enjoyment from doing what she does best: Making our brides look great! You may also catch Karen behind the camera filming wedding ceremonies on occasion.

Vaughan - Admin:

Every great team needs someone to pay the bills every month: Vaughan keeps Hippo's wheels turning and provides backup for the rest of the team.

Hippo Productions can film weddings anywhere in the North Island: Check out our packages or contact us for a chat and a quote.