Why more is less…


Wedding videography is not for the faint hearted. As the videographer you are charged with capturing the wedding day for your client in a package that will become a treasured memory for years to come. To do this involves several things but the most important is discretion. The wedding is all about the bridal party and it is the job of the videographer to capture as much of the day as possible while remaining (as far as possible) in the back ground.

The video should show the guests mingling prior to the arrival of the bride, the groom and his best men waiting, the last minute touches to the venue and the arrival of the wedding party are all key elements to a wedding video. Prior to the actual vows there many things happening at a wedding service that the bride wants to see on the video. 

Let me give an example of a wedding we filmed at the Old Church on Meeanee Road last season.

Prior to the bride arriving a family member entertained the guests with his guitar, this was a must capture for the bride, the family member played while the bridal party made there way through the vines to the wedding venue. So to capture this we needed a camera on the guitar player, one on the bride as she arrived at the venue and the set camera’s to capture the actual service itself.

We set three camera’s up in a fixed position to capture the wedding service, these camera’s were located behind the guests and did not move at all during the whole day. We used a mobile camera to capture the guitar player and another one to record the bridal party walking through the vines.

The end result was that the bride was able to see all the different elements of her wedding on the video and yet at no stage did a camera come between the bridal party and the guests.

In all 5 camera’s were used at one stage or another to produce the finished product, we did it this way to ensure that the bride was the centre of attention and nobody saw and heard a camera being moved to get a better shot.


The ‘highlights’ reel of this video can be seen at http://vimeo.com/hippoproductions/chrisandkelly



The families feedback on the finished product can be read on our web site http://www.hippoproductions.co.nz/testimonials.shtml



This was a case where less was truly more...